Talent Platform
Powering The On-Demand Economy

The Talent Platform Association was formed to connect the brave and innovative people re-inventing a fundamental aspect of how modern economies work.
The old world is about regular full-time employees in jobs which sit behind the solid walls of an organization.
The new world won't eliminate regular full-time employees or jobs any more than online shopping has eliminated bricks and mortar retail stores. However just as online shopping has become important in our economy, so too the on-demand economy of free agents has become important and will become increasingly important.
What is really new in this on-demand economy is the emergence of talent platforms. These services not only connect clients to free agents, they help organize the process so that work gets done better or faster or cheaper (or all three).
The Talent Platform Association was created to help these plaftorms get better by sharing ideas and collaborating on projects that advance the industry.

David Creelman is CEO of Creelman Reserach and the Chief Catalyst for the Talent Platform Association. He co-authored "Lead the Work: Navigating a world beyond employment" with John Boudreau & Ravin Jesuthasan.  The book was endorsed by the CHROs of IBM, Starbucks, and LinkedIn. The work was presented to the World Economic Forum at Davos by Ravin.